Clinical Support

Clinical Partnership & Risk Mitigation​​

Our experienced consultant pharmacists are dedicated to providing clinical support that’s customized to the individual needs of your facility and staff.

Consultant Pharmacists

Akudo Healthcare Consultant Pharmacists are valued members of our interdisciplinary team helping to achieve optimal outcomes for patients.​

Consultant Pharmacist service begins with an introductory meeting with key staff members. Armed with a thorough understanding of the facility’s unique needs, the consultant is able to provide a tailored program that encompasses the educational, regulatory and cost-containment concerns of the facility while ensuring appropriate medication therapy for each resident.

​Every Consultant Pharmacist visit includes one-on-one time with key leadership before and after the consulting session to ensure that critical information is shared and addressed promptly.

Pharmaceutical industry.

Reducing Risk

Our clinical pharmacists will monitor medication management for every patient giving you opportunity to provide quality patient care.

Our system offers in-pharmacy automation, another level of patient safety by dispensing medications more accurately reducing medication errors, helping your community avoid risk. Plus our clinical decision support software program

Patient Testimonials
Vicky Ehima
Vicky Ehima
The service was really good.
This place has great customer service. I appreciate that the pharmacist is always available and answers my questions concisely. I recommend this pharmacy!
Kory A
Kory A
Very knowledgeable pharmacist. Customer service is great. Peace is the best. You need to switch to this Akudo Healthcare & Pharmacy...5⭐️
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