Our Philosophy

Akudo Healthcare pharmacy management solutions include the latest prescription technology services and friendly, expert pharmacy professionals to help optimize your operations. Our pharmacy process is designed with your needs in mind. Our clinicians want to make your job easier, safer and more efficient; so you can focus on providing efficient and effective care to your patients.

​At Akudo Healthcare we provide comprehensive pharmaceutical services to patients and providers across the United States.

With over 20 years of experience, Akudo Healthcare partners with facilities and communities nationwide providing a wide range of services that enable staff members to provide better, safer, and more attentive care. We are known as a pharmacy company, but our mission is to enable quality, cost-effective care for all patients we serve, which includes:

  • Delivery of sealed medication packets specially prepared and carefully checked to prevent medication errors
  • Consultant pharmacist services are available to review patient medications and ensure safety and most cost-effectiveness
  • Prescription review program that addresses medication allergies, proper dosing, interactions, side effects and contraindications

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